The Idea Club

An Orlando Leads Club


In the early 1980’s, a group of entrepreneurs in Orlando formed a professional business association.  The aim of this organization was to collect and exchange business information among the members. 
And so the IDEA Club (Industry Development Exchange Association) was born.


Membership is restricted to one representative from each business, trade, occupational or professional classification.  Members are required to uphold high ethical and moral standards in the business community.  All members are expected to have referrals for other club members, which are exchanged during the weekly meeting , thus increasing profits for everyone. 
The IDEA Club is certainly an “IDEA” that has worked remarkably well.




Bailey's Coffee Service, Inc.

Art Bailey

Bailey's Coffee Service, Inc.
3939 Forrestal Avenue #800
Orlando, FL 32806

Business: (407) 859-2319
Mobile: (407) 948-9145
Business Fax: (407) 859-4523

Member Since: 1993
45 Years in Business

Coffee & Beverage Service

Family owned and operated since 1969.
Enjoy no monthly contracts!
Now offering Keurig equipment and K-Cups







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